Tired of Being Ignored? 

Are you unhappy with the direction we’re moving in – both as a state and as a country?

Is your family’s budget suffering under our current leadership? If you’re a small business owner, are your costs going up?

Do you agree that it is time for a change?

In order to fix the system, you must become the system. After spending the past ten years exposing the truth from the outside, with the help of Florida District 5 Constituents – I will continue to seek the truth from the inside.

I believe in order to bring about REAL change, we must do things differently. Voting in the same old establishment candidates will not change anything.

I will lead the way to ensure success in Florida. As a former teacher and business owner I understand the importance of a great education. I understand that the right to private property is a sacred right – and not one that our elected leaders can take from us.

Although I have never run for public office, I have been effective as a citizen lobbyist. I have spent a great deal of time in Tallahassee, meeting with our elected leaders. This experience, along with my efforts in exposing the truth about our government, gives me the knowledge that’s necessary to lead Congressional District Five.

I believe in truth, education, conversation, action.

I have been exposing the lies of our government for the last 10+ years.

I have been conducting educational seminars all over Florida and America to expose those lies. Our factual information can be found on:  Agenda21today.com , Americaismyname.orgKarenSchoen.com

I co-host American Freedom Watch Radio on Tuesday night 8-10EST on
Redstatetalkradio.com Wednesday 12PM EST and Sunday 12PM EST
I write articles for saveamericafoundation.comwatchdogwire.com

Teapartynation.com,newswithviews.comand KarenSchoen.com

Now it is time to bring the people’s voice to Tallahassee.  I am running for State Representative in District 5. I need your help.  This campaign is grassroots for you, the people not for a party who ignores the people.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, help me represent your voice in Tallahassee.

My Promise:

  1. Tell the truth no matter how hard it is to swallow.
  2. Protect private property – you, your possessions, business and real estate.
  3. Replace Common Core – Florida does not need another unproven fad in education.
  4. Follow the lead of District 5 – I will hold weekly conference calls so you can tell me your issues. We will review potential bills. You will tell me how to vote.
  5. Uphold American values. America is a Representative Constitutional Republic based on Judeo Christian Values. I will follow both the US and Florida Constitutions, America’s rule of law.
  6. I will represent your wishes.  We must communicate. I cannot represent you if we do not talk.

Donate Now!

Your donation and support will get your voice heard.

Click Here: Please donate whatever you can whenever you can.

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Political Advertisement, Paid for and approved by Karen Schoen, Libertarian, for State Representative District 5.

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